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Starting out as a drummer in the school band at 8, moving on to piano and double-bass lessons at 12 while singing and playing guitar in rock bands, Tom Hugo is a highly versatile musician. Add being a trained singer with over a thousand gigs' experience, the Norwegian is a jack of many trades. His varied background and eagerness to try new things has been helpful when producing and writing music, and his co-writes have gained over 200 million streams, multiple platinum-records and chart-topping radio-hits.


Tom has most experience working alongside a beat maker while focusing on chords, melodies and vocal production, but has also delivered finished productions all by himself. As well as producing for his own solo-project and KEiiNO, Tom has produced singles for other artists like German Echo-nomintated Y’akoto, Alexandra Rotan and multiple J & K-pop acts like EXO, SHINee and TVXQ. He's also written and produced for the animated movie Kutoppen - På Sporet. Tom Hugo has been a Eurovision-fan since childhood, and when his "Spirit in the Sky" got the most points from the audience in 2019, it was a dream come true. Since then, he's co-written 2 silver-medalists in Melodi Grand Prix (2021 and 2024) and 2 songs for the final of Malta Eurovision.


Tom writes lyrics too, but his true superpower is crafting annoyingly hooky melodies. Being a singer, he also loves working with singers helping them to get the most out of their voice during recording, and is a very experienced vocal-comper (building impressive main vocals by selecting the most exciting words/ syllables out of dozens of takes).

In 2012, Tom discovered J-pop for the first time, and the following year he had his first cut with Korean superstars SHINee. Since then, Tom Hugo has co-written multiple songs on #1 selling singles/ albums for Asian idol-bands and been in hundreds of writing-sessions all over the world with everything from young artists to A-list hit-makers (Justin Jesso, Dsign, Will Simms, Herbie Chrichlow, Michael Jay, Steven Lee). Tom signed his first publishing-deal with Universal in 2009, was signed to BMG Rights management from 2015-2020, but is now proudly self-published through Hugoworld AS and Mii AS. 

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