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Tom Hugo took the Norwegian audience by surprise with his energetic MGP-entry I Like I Like I Like in March 2018. He used his TV-minutes well in Norway's most popular music show, and has big plans for the upcoming year. His upcoming song Family is chosen to be Norway's official Pride-song in 2018, and Tom Hugo will perform at many HBTQ+ events in Europe this summer. Follow his Facebook-page for updates!

Tom was 7 years old the first time he performed publicly, and after years in different pop and rock-bands he made his debut as a solo-artist in 2011. The single, Open Up Your Eyes, reached #100 on the German radio-charts and made it to #12 on the Norwegian charts (VG-lista). Tom released his critically acclaimed debut album Sundry Tales the year after, and in 2013 he participated in the Norwegian ESC with the song “Det er Du”. The song has since become a frequently played song on Norway's most popular radiochannel (NrkP1). Tom's comeback-single "Better Than Me" reached #12 on the Norwegian Radio-charts in august 2017. As well performing his solo-material, he's played close to thousand private and public events as the lead singer of the band Radiojam. 


From 2014-2020, Tom found a balance perfect for his creativity in two cities he called home: 1. Kristiansand, a beautiful, slightly conservative small town in the south of Norway, provided him with peace. 2. Berlin, a liberal melting pot of creative souls from all corners of the world, fills him with inspiration. Tom wasn't "the only gay in the village" in his hometown, but Berlin’s alternative scene certainly embrace being different in a whole other way. Now Tom is based in Oslo, where he is working on new music both for his solo-career and his band KEiiNO. He's currently touring with 10 songs inspired by queer-stories written together with his husband Alexander. More about Ut Av Skallet here.

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