“Tom Hugo is the discovery of the year” 



1/3 of ESC2019-darlings KEiiNO, Tom Hugo is a natural born entertainer. The official 2018 Pride-artist and MGP 2018-finalist is also a platinum-awarded songwriter and music producer. A true citizen of the world, travelling between gigs and studio-sessions in Oslo, Tokyo, Los Angels and Berlin. 

The smiling Norwegian has come to terms with his role on earth: Make music to put people in a happy mood. Some times that means writing and producing for German  award-nominated artists like Y'akoto, other times it means penning #1 hits for Asian boybands like EXO, SHINEE or TVXQ. But since 2019, joik-pop band KEiiNO has been the priority. 50 million streams, big tours and multiple awards after he formed the band, we can say that it teaming up with Fred Buljo and Alexandra Rotan was a good idea.


But every now and then, Tom writes a song perfect for him to sing himself. That happened with 2017 Top12 Norwegian Radio single "Better Than Me"  and his 2018-single "I like, I like, I like".  And if he's not writing songs, Tom will probably be on his way to produce or sing some of his favourite pop & discosongs on a stage somewhere. (for more info, use the links)





Tom Hugo can perform alone, backed by his guitar and laptop, or in a trio/ full band setting. He is not limited to performing his own songs on stage, and can perform in various settings/ constellations. Alone or together with the band Radiojam, he's entertained huge crowds in Norway and abroad the last 15 years. Lately, Tom has added DJ'ing to his skills making him a highly versatile entertainer. Follow the links, or get in touch here for a price/ availability quote.



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